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My Guitars
Taylor 814 C(E) Custom
For a long time my main guitar. I bought the Taylor in January 2000. I learned a lot on this guitar.
The guitar was originally built for the 1997 music fair.
It is very comfortable to play and has a balanced sound. It has a Fishman pickup, but thank god no built-in preamp.                                             
Aria Maestro MH 80
I learned and played classical guitar for many years on this guitar, which I bought on tick in 1974 from my first apprentice wages. Pieces by David Qualey, introduced to me by my teacher Dimitros Nikitos, finally prepared my transition to fingerstyle guitar.
It is handmade from solid woods in Nagoya/Japan.                                          
Ovation Legend 1717
With this guitar I have fulfilled a dream of the late 70s: At that time I saw Larry Coryell and Philip Catherine live with the tracks of the album 'Twin House' and was fascinated - by the music and the sound of the guitars with the round body.
In 1990, after I had not played guitar for almost 5 years, I fulfilled this childhood dream.
The birth of our first son brought me back to the guitar.                               
Lakewood M32
I came across this guitar in October 2004 during a workshop with Ulli Boegershausen. During the evening session I fell in love with the guitar and came home on Sunday with two guitars :-)                               
Del Rey New Orleans
A Semiacoustic for the jazzy lines. I bought the guitar in 2001. Unfortunately, I don't get to "jazz" that often.
For the price, a very nice instrument that I "upgraded" with an ebony bridge, a Birdland tailpiece, and the strings that Pat Metheny played at the time (D'Addario Chromes).                          
Dreier 12-String
I ordered this guitar from Armin Dreier in February 2006. I picked it up on October 7, 2006. It is my first 12-string and will always be a challenge.
The guitar has a rosewood body, alpine spruce top, cedro neck, ebony fingerboard and is built quite light and vibrant.                 
Yamaha Silent Steelstring
A guitar for travel and quiet moments. The sound via headphones or an amp is good and very usable for practicing or playing with others.
Knut Welsch 12 fret Custom
In spring 2009 I visited Knut Welsch in his workshop in Erlangen. His guitars were fantastic.
After a few days, the decision was made to have him make me a guitar. On April 25, 2010 I could pick up the guitar at his workshop. A dream came true: bear claw spruce top, brazilian back and sides, 12 fret construction, LR Baggs VTC pickup (originally a B-band was installed), freewheel tuners, ...
Knut unfortunately passed away much too early in August 2011 at the age of 49.

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Stoll Alegra Custom Jürgen
A crossover nylon string. In 2016 I ordered this guitar from Christian Stoll.
Inspired by Judith Beckedorf's interpretation of the Pat Metheny arrangement of 'Don't Know Why' I had to have such a guitar. Since then I am practicing :-))
The guitar on Christian Stoll's website
Blueridge BR 371
My actual travel guitar: 12-fret parlor, 630 mm short scale. Small, convenient to play, great tone :-)
Jablonski Grandezza Blackbird "Juergen"
Christian Jablonski built this guitar for me in 2023: bearclaw spruce top, ziricote body, short scale (63cm), 12th fret neck joint, cutaway, bevel, Gotoh 510, pickup system and monitor soundhole.

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You can hear it here or here
is Juergen Ortmeier
Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar
Status April 2024
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